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The  Best GIFT for Your Family and Friends

The Best We Can Do in our life for ourselves and others is thinking the way to make our World a Better Place to Live.

With this thought in mind Academic was created. You can find the first product of its line at Lulu, a publishing on demand firm. Following the link,, you'll be directed to the purchase of a Calendar year for 2008. It's a Journal-type-Calendar which will make you protagonist of your achievements in 2008.

You choose your priorities, important events to attend, your secondary goals month by month. You'll be inspired by some of the most precious quotes of all times. You'll achieve your 2008 GOALS with ACADEMIC PRECISION!!!

Color Your Year with ACADEMIC and you'll help the ACADEMIC WORLD to become a better place where to Study, Work and Excel. Half of the profits raised from the purchase of the Calendar will help create an Endowment Fund for Academics who experienced Discrimination, Abuse and Mobbing along their Career Path.

The Project is at its early stage and you'll follow its progress on this site and others which are being created. The site will be updated with the new links. Give your Input and Important Contribution purchasing a copy of the Calendar. Leave your Comments on this site or at Lulu at the Academic's Author message box. You'll be contacted if you leave your e-mail address or number. Forward this site to all your Friends who might be interested and sensible to the issue of Academic Integrity.

With the Wish that This Holiday Season will be Your Merriest and Happiest Ever

The ACADEMIC Creator

 MP. Russ, Ph.D.